About us

This is the official website of the Firat Development Agency Bingol Investment Support Office (Bingol ISO).

Bingol ISO, is the unit of the Firat Development Agency which introduce business environment and business opportunities in Bingol to the domestic and foreign investors by providing the necessary technical support to them, coordinate and monitor their investments towards their demands, perform in the legislative framework necessary administrative procedures for investments.

Firat Development Agency (FKA); was established in TRB1 Region, at July 14, 2009, including Bingol, Elazig, Malatya and Tunceli. Development Agencies have three fundamental function in the region they conduct an activity. Within this context, the Development Agencies make plans in order to determine needs and priorities of the region reveal the vision of the region and the Regional Plans taken in order to plan the precautions in the region. Firat Development Agency has completed 2014-2023 TRB1 Region Plan. In the 2014-2023 Region Plan, vision of the region defined as “TRB1, producing with educated and enterprising human’s power, high quality of life”. In consequence of conducted planning activity and sectoral researches, the funding programs of the agencies take a shape. Since 2010, Firat Development Agency, provide support the national and regional plans and provide the implementation of the programs activities and projects that contribute essential to the regional economy, Bingol province has provided grants to 75 projects.  The province’s economy has saved approximately 47.7 million Turkish Liras investment budget included co-finance of the supported beneficiary, approximately 26 million Turkish liras of this budget has provided by our agency. The comprising task area of the Firat Development Agency, Bingol, Elazig, Malatya and Tunceli in the region covering the provinces TRB1 has provided supports to 603 projects in total. Included co-finance of the supported firms, agency and institute, the region’s economy has saved approximately 166.6 million Turkish Liras investment budget, to this projects approximately 91.2 million Turkish Liras have provided by our agency.

In consequence of the supported small medium enterprise (SME) projects, totally, 566 people has employed in Bingol. Investment Support Offices in Bingol Malatya, Elazig and Tunceli Investment Support Offices, affiliated with the Firat Development Agency, started their activities in 2010. Bingol Investment Support Office, conduct its activities in a central location at Bingol, make efforts in order to provide province’s social and economic development, promote province nationally and internationally, improve the investment opportunities in the province, carry out coordination between institutions and organizations for development of the province. Also, Bingol Investment Support Office, in accordance with the decision about Investment Incentive, completes inspection and monitoring tasks of firms in our province. The most important function of the Bingol Investment Support Office is to provide investment support services to enterprising that with to invest in Bingol.

Bingol Investment Support Office currently offers service with total of 3 staff, 1 coordinator and 2 experts. Since its foundation, Bingol Investment Support Office has provide approximately 1500 free informing and consulting services to the investors and entrepreneurial, participated in more than 50 business and promotional events related to Bingol, have prepared 20 research reports and have conducted operations within the scope of Investment Incentive Certificate .