European Union - Turkey "financial cooperation"  under the Pre-Accession Assistance with the purpose of  taking the advantage of the Competitive Industries Program of the Science, Industry and Technology Ministry, the project of  "Establishing an Enterprise  Development Centre at  Bingöl", submitted to Science, Industry and Technology Ministry by the our Agency, in the result of the preliminary assessments, had taken place among the 22 eligible project idea for negotiation on April 26, 2012; as a results of the negotiation process, our project was declared the among the 11 successful project in May 2012.

The demanded constructions projects related to project, documents related to the costs and other documents prepared in coordination of Our Agency has been submitted to the Ministry; our project has reportedly received final approval from the EU Delegation with its letter dated May 16, 2013.

The contract was signed during the site visit held on November 4, 2013 by Science, Industry and Technology Ministry's team. The tender process is completed in the ongoing project and construction of the project is started. The project was completed in the November, 2018.

The basic information related to Bingöl Enterprise Development Center are listed below:

The aim of the project: By creating a Business Development Center in Bingöl, it is aimed to grow Small Medium Enterprises by providing them to the management consultancy support, access to finance opportunities, business place under suitable conditions.

Estimated Project Budget: 5.104 million Euro [EU Contribution 85%, Turkey contribution (Science, Industry and Technology Ministry) 15%]

Estimated Employment: 220 people

Project Actvities:

  • The construction of the workshops in various size (100, 150, 500m²), cold storage unit and administration building
  • The supply of equipment and furniture need by furnishing
  • Provide Enterprise Development Centre' services
  • Provide training

"Operator Organization" which operate Bingol ISGEM, need to be a limited liability company identified in the Turkish Commercial Code: the 70%, 20%, and 10% of the company was to be established by the Bingol Provincal Special Administration, Bingol Municipality and Bingol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, respectively. Our Agency take part in management without a share of the company in question.