Founded in 1990, the total area within the municipal plan of Bingol Organized Industrial Zone is 72 hectares, the number of the industry parcels is 47. The 44 of this parcels are allocated; 27 parcels also begin in operation. In addition, the expansion process of the Bingol Organized Industrial Zone has begun; the new parcels will be created. In the 27 business firms already in production, 500 people are employed.

The parcels in the Bingol Organized Industrial Zone are allocated free of charge to investors and the investments made as part of the investment incentive certificates at OSB is more advantageous than the outside of the OSB.

The 6th Region provinces, , Bingol included, while the investments made under incentive certificate from the outside OSB support for employer share of insurance by 10 years, it is 12 years for the investments made the inside OSB and also additional 5 percentage points is contributed to investment tax credit.




Bingöl-Genç Karayolu 10. Km (Ardıçtepe Köy Mevkii) Bingöl OSB İdari  Hizmet Binası 111. Ada Merkez/BİNGÖL


0 426 214 52 52


0 426 214 52 52