Energy and Mining Sector


The built of a thermal power plant by using our province rich lignite deposits located in Karlıova Derinçay and Sancak, the built of hydroelectric power plants with rich water resources, renewable energy production by utilizing the potential of solar and wind above the average of Turkey are important potential investment in this field.



The principal raw material and metallic mineral deposits in the region are iron ore, lead-zinc, phosphate and kyanite (disten).  The mineral deposit of Bingol is mostly located in the Genc district. The iron deposits are located in Genc district, usually contain apatite with it. Two enrichment plants intended for the enrichment of iron ore were built in 2013-2014 in the Genc district. Another metallic mining in the province is lead-zinc ore which has average 21600 tons of proven and probable reserves. 140,000 tons of disten reserves, which is favorable for low-medium temperature refractory and ceramic raw materials, are determined in Genc-Halveliyan district. And also, the phosphate deposits are located in the Genc district, wherein the phosphate reserves have apatite and magnetite potential. A total of 83.662 million tons of proven reserves of lignite with 1458 and 1663 kcal/kg lower heating values are pitches in the Karliova district.

Lignite site is located near the Derincay (Halifan) village of Karliova district of Bingol province. The site is far 5 and 45 km from the Karliova-Bingol highway and Bingol, respectively. The coal site is a plateau area. Goynuk stream creates folds from north to south limits the coal site from the west. The use of Bingol Karliova lignite which is Eastern Anatolia most important lignite basin after Afsin – Elbistan as a fuel without delay in a lignite fired plant will contribute to region and therefore country economy.  CO2 emissions into the atmosphere due to its low sulfur content will be less. There is also a very rich lignite deposits near the Sancak town.

The mineral springs in Bingol are Kiğı district İki evler mineral water, Yedisu town- Yeşilgöl mineral water, Kiğı district-Dimilyan mineral water and Yedisu district mineral water.



Genç-Servi-Çobançeşmesi Village

Grade: Average 45% Pb-Zn

Reserve: 21,600 tons proved + probable reserves.





Alikirek Village Site

Grade : Medium Quality

Reserve: 125 million tons possible limestone, clay 2.7 million tons of probable reserves.


Kaolin (Kao)

City Center-Kurudere Village Site

Grade : 18% Al2O3, 2% Fe2O3, 70% SiO2 (contain alunite)

Reserve: 60,000 tons possible reserves


Iron (Fe)

Genç-Avnik Koşal, Gonaçtepe, Haylandere, Hamek, Arduvan, Kelmetepe, Kılhaz ve İbrahiman Demir deposits

Grade: : 13-61% Fe3O4,

Reserve: 51.38% Fe3O4 grade of 53 million tons of visible, 41-44% Fe3O4 grade of 16 million tons of probable + possible


Phosphate (P)

Genç-Avnik Magnetite Apatite Site

Phosphate apatite reserves is magnetite potential.

Phosphate deposits in the region is operated in conjunction with iron deposits and with the favorable enrichment activities would be economic.

Grade : 0. 67-12.96 % P2O5 and 16-59.42 % Fe2O3

Reserve: 109 137 696 tons of visible probable + possible.


Disten (ds)

Genç-Halveliyan Site

Grade : 5-25 disten % and 26 % Al2O3,

Reserve: 140,000 tons of probable reserves are operated bed.

If the enriched can be used as low-medium temperature refractory and ceramic raw materials.

Geothermal Resources

Geothermal energy resources should be considered as a primary energy sources in the region according to geothermal energy costs of both power generation and heating which is relatively low compared to alternative sources. The commissioning of geothermal resources primarily that provide affordable and clean energy will provide significant economic and social contribution to this region and our country.

Goynuk Haciyan hot springs at 62C temperature in Karliova district, Kos hot springs in Center Bingol at 36C-47C temperature, Haskoy hot springs in Yayladere Haskoy at 34C, Harur hot springs at 52C temperature in Kigi and a new source at 55C temperature found by drilling in 2014 at Ilicalar town are the available geothermal resources in Bingol.

The geothermal resources located in Hacilar village and the geothermal resources found in 2014 can be used in the residential geothermal heating systems and health tourism facilities.

Bingöl Kös hot springs, still actively used, has a great tourism potential and is visited every year by thousands of domestic and foreign tourists.

According to the analysis report of hot springs water, hot springs water is beneficial for treatment of bone diseases, tooth decay, digestive disorders and gastrointestinal diseases, urinary tract diseases, neurological diseases, gout, heart and vascular diseases, diabetes, gynecological diseases and lack of fluoride due to nutrition.

Bingol province, in the event of the sufficient utilization of geothermal resources which has a significant investment area, will form an important source of income and employment to the region.