Fırat Development Agency Support

Development Agencies are public judicial bodies established by Law No: 5449 in order to develop cooperation between local authorities and central management and enable appropriate and efficient use of resources in democratic and contributive manner. There are 26 development agencies in Turkey and each supports investments to be made in their region.

Fırat Development Agency runs financial incentive programs to support investments in TRB1 region which consist of Bingöl, Elazığ, Malatya and Tunceli. The subjects of incentive are provided in terms of requests for proposal and change every year.
Each request of proposal states the program, the sectors to be supported, the eligibility requirements for the projects and the requirements for applications. These criteria vary in accordance with the program. Each program’s conditions and terms are announced in the application manual and shared with the public.

The most recent information about the Fırat Development Agency (FKA) incentives and open requests for proposals can be accessed via
Areas of Support: Each year, FKA open call to support for various plans and programs identified in Regional Plan prepared in accordance with national development and contribution planning. (E.g. the strenghening the industrial production, professional training, technological production and innovation, the enhancing alternative forms of tourism, etc.)

Support Limitations: The range of the incentive in terms of upper and lower limits varies in accordance with the program. But the rate of the incentive that a company may receive may not exceed 50%. The incentive is in form of a grant.
Eligible Applicants: Each program has its own requirements, but in general, the applicant must be registered in TRB1 region, have no Social Security and tax debts and must comply with SME criteria.