Forestry and Forest Products

Bingol, has an ideal structure for forestry in terms of climate and terrain, is one of the richest province at the Eastern Anatolia Region in point of forest area.

The collection of the item except non-wood forest products such as wild liquorice, asphodel, thyme, mushrooms contribute both region’s economy and country’s economy.

Under the leadership of the Bingol University, the research conducted in the region will gave result sooner and with the cooperation held noon wood products will be provided to economy, thus, it is expected to contribute seriously to the region.

For private afforestation, the suitable types of walnuts and almonds should be selected in accordance with the ecological conditions of the region. The walnuts and almonds products obtained by the reforestation held in the region that can be used as raw material for local food production facility will provide significant contribution on the industrial potential.