Origin of "Bingöl"

There are several myths about the origin of city’s name, and all are based on healing waters or lakes. Historically, Bingöl is named Cebel-ü Cur, Çapakçur, Çapakçur, Çevlik/Çolig. The first name of Bingöl is known to be Çapakçur. Evliya Çelebi, in Seyahatname, states that Çapakçur is named and established by Alexander the Great. According to the myth, even consulting his doctors to relieve unbearable pain of him, Alexander the Great cannot heal. Thereon he starts to look for Adam’s ale which is believed to give immortality. Although he cannot find the Adam’s ale, he explores a river, which is believed to be raised by Adam’s ale. After drinking from that river and thus relieving from his pain, he names the area Çapakçur: “River of Heaven” and builds a castle by the riverside of Murat river. In Islamic literature Bingöl is named Cebel-ü Cur. As lexical meaning, Cebel means mountain and Cur means stream, river. It is said that Cebel-ü Cur has eventually became Çapakçur. Bingöl was also named Çevlik, which means garden, yard. Çevlik is still being used today as Çolig by locals. The city, which was named Çapakçur until 1945, has been named Bingöl since then-as inspired by Bingöl Mountains- due to a legal regulation.