Task and Responsibilities


  • Provide information and guidance to investors towards the requested documents related to the terms of reference of the relevant legislation.
  • Accept and follow the application of the investors, do preliminary research on the application of investors.
  • Do processes and procedures related to the permit and/or license or other administrative business processes and procedures, notify the relevant authority or authorities, and do the necessary follow-up actions.
  • Attempt about the solving problems by determining obstacles and problems faced by investors in Bingol in the care of related authorities
  • Promote or make the promotion nationwide or international level business and investment opportunities in Bingol in cooperation with other related institutions
  • Determine and implement strategies of investment support and promotion of the region in cooperation with the Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey and other relevant organizations
  • Support and coordinate investment promotion activities at the international level carried out by public institutions and organizations and private sector organizations in Bingol.
  • Make printed and electronic publications within its task area, and support such broadcast
  • Do research related to cooperation and capacity building with national and international institutions regarding to Investment Support Office within the scope of its tasks and activities.