The textile and garment sector, generating 7% of Turkey's GDP, while constituting 11.5% of our total exports, are one of the leading sectors of the Turkish economy. Turkey is the seventh in the world and the EU's second largest supplier in textile and garment. When Bingol province’s textile industry taken in the consideration, rather than before the garment stage such as yarn production, weaving and production of fabrics and weaving techniques, dyeing requires high capital, the establishment of garment enterprises with contract manufacturing which require labor-intensive and low capital seems more attractive.
By virtue of the benefits and support given to the 6th region’s provinces, included Bingol, the interest of the investors is increased especially in labor-intensive sectors such as textiles with the new incentive system came into force in 2012; as a labor intensive sector, textile, is one of the most positively affected sectors. Thus, the new large-scale textile enterprises, which employ hundreds of people in Bingol, began to be established in 2013 and 2014.
A major advantage for investments to be made in this area provided with to have cheap labor costs and among the most advantageous investment incentive regions of Bingol.