On the north of the Bingol, Tunceli, Erzincan and Erzurum provinces are located and on the east of the Bingol Mus province, on the south of the Bingol, Diyarbakir province and on the west of the Bingol, Elazig province is located in which Bingol is located in the upper Euphrates Region of Eastern Anatolia.

Economical activities in Bingöl are concentrated on the agricultural sector, livestock sector and construction industry where Bingöl is important transition point towards west-east and north-south direction due to its location.

12 Reasons to Invest in Bingöl:


  • By means of the new incentive system that came into force in 2012, among the most supported 6. Region
  • Become a binding crossroads, central Anatolia to Iran towards East-West direction, Southeastern Anatolia to Black Sea towards North-South direction via the new built divided highway.
  • Rapidly developing Bingol University.
  • Bingol airport, opened in 2013, with an annual capacity of 500 thousand passenger
  • Organized Industrial Zones Facilities
  • Firat Development Agency, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Eastern Anatolia Project Funding
  • Convenient climate and geographical structure for livestock
  • The presence of rich underground and surface natural sources.
  • Virgin market area and the appropriate competition offered to new investors.
  • Convenient labor market, dynamic and young population
  • Kalehan and Kiğı Dams, Callpex and Assistt call centers, large-scale public and private investments such as SÜTAŞ.
  • Among one of the three pilot provinces within the scope of Forestry and Water Affairs’ “Walnuts Action Plan” and 500,000 walnuts project carried out in 5 years with the Bingol Governor’s Office.